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Below you will find a chronological listing of lyrics I have written. Use the title links above to access a particular song. You will find a growing number of mp3s marked in read next to the title and accessed through a quicktime console above the lyrics. More to come, but for now; for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health... Well, you get the picture...

© 1981 Mark Privett

Ah, the first legitimate tune. Some twists and turns rhythmically
with a three bar here and a two bar there, here a bar, there a bar,

I sat down to read the evening paper
I just got home from work
one of these days Iíve got to turn myself around
I took a look outside my window
noticed everything was still there
but somehow I wasnít quite the same, no

Iíve gotten bogged down
hung up on what Ďtheyíreí gonna do
Iím starting to slide and I feel like Iím losing my way
Iíve got to keep on rolling I donít ever know what could happen today

Just between you and me
sometimes I wonder if my dreams are lost forever
It gets frustrating if you know what I mean
When you lose half your faith
and the other half you just plain donít believe

Iím a marked down, second hand trouble shooter
living in a time thatís lost its soul
but Iíll still give every bit of blood that Iíve got to give
every bit of man that I am till Iím bone dry

Listen for a little piece of magic
some kind of clue to you
donít let the distance drive you crazy
Itís a long, long, long way to heaven
and hell just to find the right road
but with our eyes and ears open at least we stand half a chance

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© 1982 Mark Privett

Try not to look away
itís only me
You see thereís something that Iíve wanted to say
for so long...

The boy who spoke these words,
Randall James McKay,
was of little importance to my world
Just a poor manís son
with no money nor means
to taste the finer things in life

Well this son of a poor man
stood before me now
His eyes were gazing through me
as I suddenly,
forgot just who I was.

And he said, "My father may not have been a wealthy man
by the standards of your world,
but in his heart there lived a song of hope
that no money could ever buy."

It was a song of hope that he held so dearly
till the day that he died
and when I listen to my soul at night
I can hear it cry out loud.

Take a breath of sunshine, taste the summer rain
let the cool, autumn breezes free your spirit
from the confines of your life
Feel the frost of winter while you kiss the sky
and in the evening lay your head down
in the stars on heavenís door

Now this young man, McKay,
he smiled and walked away
leaving me with the cold December night
And as I stood there in the darkness
with just the silence as my friend,
though I may have been touched by some wine,
way off in the distance
I could hear it growing louder
as if from somewhere deep inside

Take a breath of sunshine...

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© 1983 Mark Privett

Donít know what it was I was waiting for
a bottle of light champagne and a fine-tooth comb
Thought Iíd wait for just one moment more
but as the snow began to fall
I told myself that above all
there was no reason for me to cry

Her hair was brown and her eyes could set me on fire
but tell me how so much love gets lost in so much pain
Three years of my desire and it was high time for a change
The bitter taste of sweet perfume
I ran in rage toward a different tune
and I told myself I had no reason to cry

Kicking back on an old piano stool
You tell yourself that you wonít be a fool, no more
And if you are still awake when the morning comes
Scattered clouds may cover the dayís first light
and you were thinking things my finally work out right
But it ainít that easy, for you and me
we take it day by day
and try to save a little hope for tomorrow

Iím still not sure what it is I am waiting for
I ask the stars at night for an answer
Itís all you can do sometimes when things just ainít right
The truth will help you start again
calm down and shed a tear within
and donít shut the door
when love comes your way

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© 1985 Mark Privett

A light went out in Boston
man left dieing in just his shoes
time has got to fly
whether of not youíre having fun

It gets hard to believe
in everything they try to sell you
but is it harder to believe
in me and you

Whoa, sweet woman of mine
letís put the past behind us
and rest our faith
with the morning light
Now people be kind
to your family across the world
Ďcause theyíve got the same problems
just getting their daily bread
And if we donít this old world
is just gonna pack its bags
and go on home
and leave mankind alone

When dinosaurs were walking
they had the world at their command
nobodyís life depended on no atom bombs
Then there world it came aícrashiní
they say an asteroid fell from the sky
leaving earth, moon and stars
to the care of you and I
And now the times they sure are changing
why just look outside your door
concrete paradise for fools
where trees and rivers lived before
These days I get to wondering
if weíve become the dinosaurs
just waiting for the force
after some fool pushes the wrong button down

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© 1986 Mark Privett

Opening the door to freedom
his eyes could plainly see
the chance to give survival
some hope to live honestly
But as quickly as he opened the door
it shut back in his face
and once again that left him
a part of this human race
to try and sort our ourselves

A chosen path that seemed to falter
he cast his luck aside
As if heíd been two total strangers
somewhere, somebody was lying
It would take at least a million trials
then half a million more
before it finally dawned upon him
it was nothing he hadnít seen before
except for himself

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© 1986 Mark Privett

It was way late for the evening
or real early for the very next day
He was counting his thoughts
with the changing of his ways
He says, "My fascination has left me out here
standing in the middle of the road,
the traffic in my life
has begun to overload my mind,
I guess Iím falling behind."

She was grasping at straws
while she tried to resurrect the love sheíd lost
Wandering outside herself
the inside of her mind could be the cost
She says, "Itís my determination, that,
I am always right and you are wrong,
and there just ainít enough time
for you to pay the debt you owe
and get back to where you belong
I need a sign divine,
I guess Iím falling behind."

In between whatís right and wrong
their love began to tag along
behind the trouble each new day could bring,
And every night theyíd wander Ďround
to hear the strange familiar sound
Is it lonely heartache screaming at the night
or people just standing Ďround in line,
with something else in mind
Just kinda falling behind

Given time to breathe,
you start to count your blessings out on both your hands
But his breathing time was short,
and his mind was in a dream of other lands
He had joined a revolution
fame and fortune finally crossed his weary path
His future was so clear
looking through the stained glass windows
of the dreams that filled his mind
He says, "How could I be so blind
I must be falling behind."

Let honesty prevail
there were mistakes along the way
turn back the hands
Though few and far between
now and the time she knew for sure
her love was in demand
She says, "Iíve lost all motivation
someone please put the fire back into my life
Let some sunshine fill the empty spaces
where my love canít seem to shed any light
I might as well resign
I guess Iím falling behind."

In between whatís right and wrong
there lies an honest simple song
revealing who to be or not to be
With no clear road to travel on
they had to keep on keeping on
leaving matters left to well enough alone
He says, "I will surely be yours will you be mine."
and she says, "Before we run out of time
just kinda falling behind."

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© 1986 Mark Privett

All of us are starving for salvation
All of us are starving for support
Donít know where youíre coming from, baby
but your love I canít afford

Midnight hour and Iíve got those transcendental blues
A cold shower and Iím puttiní on my walkiní shoes
got to breath in all the clean air
least whatís left of it to use

Situation, desperation is at hand
The devil is screaming while God strikes up the band
wrapped in velvet you donít feel the roseís thorns

Sheís pretty as a picture
and itís fogginí up your mind
Boy, you know you been warned
was it just a waste of time

Suffocating madness
your life is on the line
I had to steal my self-respect back
got it just in the nick of time

Midnight hour bless those transcendental blues
My desert flower Iím taking off my walkiní shoes
Take the day and ride it through the night
wrap it up for us to use
Donít matter how deep weíre in it honey
the choice is there for us to choose
So letís see the magic tonight will bring
ainít no way that we can lose...no way

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© 1987 Words by Mark Privett, Music by Craig Privett

Firelight in the moonlight
destiny still unknown
The dogs are crying
donít let go now
If it means anything to you
Iím all right

Just roll those clouds away and let the sun come pouring in
The time is coming donít you know itís right up around the bend
And it looks like lady luck is knocking at your door again
So donít just stand there boy go on and let her in.

Firelight in the moonlight
Drink a toast to those who care
A shadow dances
across my window
go on and take a look
if you dare

And when the evening starts to turning cold and gray
And there doesnít seem to be much of anything left to say
And you think youíd like to turn your back on yesterday
But you turn around and itís long gone anyway

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© 1988 Mark Privett

Youíve got to let your conscience guide you
feel some fear about what might have been done
Let the years gone by confront you
let your battle finally be won
Keep some pain that you have felt somewhere
stashed away deep down in your soul
bring it out to help you realize
You canít do unto others
what you donít want them to do unto you

Raggedly Andy fell to the floor,
one of those premonitions again
The world outside was fussing and fighting
over who owned whom again
Recklessly rolling his last funny paper
into tomorrowís dreams,
he stepped out into the hallway
following fortune down the wrong way in the eyes of the law.

Billy walked himself down to the Corner Bar
a place heíd recently been seen of late
Slapped his last twenty dollars down
felt the need to motivate
He was giving up on Mary Ann
Billy was giving up on Mary Jane
he stepped out into the streetlight
joined himself with the sound of the night
and the walls closing in

Nobody noticed the stars were shining
Nobody cared that the moon was near full
Nobody could tell you if Billy and Andy
would both be alive when the night was through

A city usually full of souls
seemed to feel quite empty that night
Ďcept for the two to whom youíve already been introduced
not a creature was stirring in sight
Andyís skin was black to the eyes of this world
but his mind was filled with light
Billy saw him step from the alley
knew heíd found a scapegoat to pay
for the love that heíd lost

As the distance between our two heroes was closiní
several hell bent crusaders appeared
Along with a set of innocent bystanders
the silent night rippled with fear
Across the street Billy heard someone screaming
Andy awoke from his dream
They turned to see the commotion
crossed the street somehow filled with emotion
for the family of man

Nobody noticed the sky was clouding
Nobody cared that the moon was all gone
Nobody could tell that a storm was brewing
that would change the road they were all traveling on

Just then the sky ripped open with a bolt of lightning
the earth began to shiver and shake
The wild eyed boys and their victims intended
disappeared Ďtil another date
Billy saw his reflection in Andyís eyes
they felt their very souls burning bright
they turned as the wind was calming
felt the birth of a new day dawning
for the family of man

Youíve got to let your conscience guide you...

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© 1990 Mark Privett

We built our peace
a course in architecture
down here in the lower levels
Hummed and rattled
hot on the trail of living
some of us a little worse off for the weather

I want to believe in mother nature
but sheís a trembling at the hands of our greed
I want to feel sweet rays of sunshine
I want her healed with God speed
HEY thereís somebody down here
HEY is it any trouble at all
HEY just give me some time to assess this
Just a little pride gone before the fall
the falling of raindrops
hitting off my rooftop
a little peace in this world...

Somewhere east of Eden
west of the Blue Ridge Mountains
north and south of the toxic wasteland
A long, dark shadow
breeds like an addiction
a well built monkey on the back of old Atlas himself

Iíve got to believe in mother nature
she accepts you and me but itís we who set the terms
We best not blow this negotiation
could be the deal to cause the tide to turn

LOOK OUT look out over the ocean
the past, present, and future are washing ashore
LOOK IN look in to your own backyard
and just remember
we are all here together
All under the weather
all under the gun
a hotter sun beating down.

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© 1990 Mark Privett

Where rivers flow    (right before your eyes)
Where flowers grow  (right before your eyes)
Where heaven shows (right before your eyes)
What no one knows  (right before your eyes)

Believe you me
'Get' what you see
Ďcause it ainít necessarily so

On a lone park bench
A left hand monkey wrench
The memory has since
passed me by,
passed away,
a sign of the dayís
the dayís new dawn

I know Iíve lied about the changing you and me
Iím mystified by whatís plain for most to see
I canít deny that I feel resigned to be
Here, lost in time better than lost at sea
Who knows what will be

When borders fall (right before your eyes)
When nature calls (right before you eyes)
When through it all (right before your eyes)
True warriors toil (right before your eyes)

Believe you me
ainít much left free
Face eternity at the door

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© 1992 Mark Privett

Some kind of a believer
makes his way over to me
He says, "I know in your life what has been missing."
He says, "I used to be in those same shoes,
I used to where the clothes you choose,
and you will come to find that I have all the answers."

Well, I must admit I been looking,
and I surely seek the truth,
but what you say leaves room only for you

And the road that is less traveled
does not care what label you wear
you just move ever onward...

Christ have mercy on me
and Allah be praised
and Buddah, save me from the selfish motivators
To thine own self be true
Ďcause when itís over only you
will look back upon the days gone by forever

Well, my tongueís been tied and twisted,
and Iím a little bit confused,
but that donít mean Iím blind to your ruse

And the mode of your survival
may not be shared by anyone anywhere
you just move ever onward...

I need a dose of inspiration,
a slice of living proof,
or a stone thrown down the path of my direction
For the moment and all it is worth
let us all keep up the search
when there are no more questions left
weíll need no more answers

Well it isnít clearly stated
there ainít nothing carved in stone
just wander here and wonder with you all

And BEHOLD your arrival
You are finally Ďthereí
but is Ďthereí anywhere
You just move ever onward...

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© 1993 Mark Privett

The old manís gone
he taught me to carry on
Fair lady be strong
who knows what went wrong
A young man torn
his desire will be reborn
His womanís patience worn
she wants to know what for

Every day
that passes your way
canít replace
the fire that has strayed
Youíve got to find it in your heart to carry on...

The old manís gone
where do we go from here now
Into the long dark night
I fight for you to hear me now
The dawn cracked open wide
it could not arrive too soon for me
Serenityís been here inside
here and gone it seems for me

Every day
that passes your way
canít replace
the flame blown away
Youíve got to find it in your heart to carry on....

The old manís gone
the time will come when you too must go
May your dreams live on
and any seeds of love that you can sow
Because the future is there
there beyond the dayís revolving doors
Just take good care
and be aware of those whoíve gone before

Every day
that passes your way
wonít replace
the soul flown away
Youíve got to find it in your heart to carry on

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© 1994 Mark Privett

I have fallen
fallen hard
deep in my heart
I am runniní
too quickly I crawl
while you walk an honest mile
in your eyes and in your smile
my lack of grace and steadfast denial
Wait, Iíve got to slow myself down
Iíve seen the end before the start
but Iíve fallen down
Iíve fallen hard
deep in my heart

I cast out my reason
Iíve reeled in no clue
Itís time for me to be leaviní
I call out from the mountains
Listen in to the sea
Itís time for me to believe in

Promises both broken and mended
No pain I caused was ever intended
But my heart cries for freedom
and knows no tomorrow
While my mind like ivy climbs
to beg, steal and borrow
a moment in time
this moment in time

I will rise up
from the underground
over the undertow
I am skating
waiting here and now
from the ashes blown away
through rebirth and decay
a rite of passage, right this way
to my heart

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© 1994 Mark Privett

Cast a blue stone into empty pockets
Fasten your own seat belt man the rockets
ĎTil weíve unsown seeds of hatredís labors
Till the unknown soil, love your neighbor

Weíll start from here
All of us in time
Weíll build a bridge
Letís all take one step while thereís time...

Nice and easy, FRAGILE DO NOT DROP it
Christ, the heatís on but only we can stop it
With these blue eyes I lost and found a blind spot
With the free lies all the have and have nots

Weíll go from here
All of us in line
Weíll cross that bridge
Letís take one step while thereís time

Cast a headstone out of heavenís graveyard
Lost and alone cannot be the last card
In the temple the candles will be burning
Each and every being will be turning

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© 1996 Mark Privett

Well, of course the rain is falling
and donít you know the wind is squalling
and Iím trying to avoid
my own insanity
And, of course my mind is flying
and donít you know I would be lying
if I told you to avoid
my own reality

They might say, "Hey, heís had his chance,"
Well just put me out to pasture
where the green grass grows

I tripped and fell into your garden
I said, "I do believe I beg your pardon,
but this house is made of glass
and I wonít cast the first stone."
What once was glass is now hid behind stone
too altogether all alone
I close my eyes
and try to see a little further on

Yeah they might say, "Hell, heís had his chance,"
Please, donít convict me on
circumstantial evidence

Donít hang your head
itís just another darkness come before the dawn

I had a vision of the crumbling stone
revealing spirit, flesh and bone
and this house made out of glass
where the light still passes through to my soul
And as I listen to the rain still falling
somehow I know Iíve got to stop stalling
but I canít complain
it sure is sweet the way the rain do fall

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© 1998 Mark Privett

Blue sky, clear as a bell
these days you and I both know
that you never can tell
Which way the wind is gonna blow
as the sun goes down
and time is running out on the planet below

Shadows and lies are stealing what is left of me
Try as I might in the darkness to see
At a momentís notice you could be hanging in midair

Help me awaken because I have seen this dream before
I must be crazy but I am standing here once more
When the dawn has broken and my memory returns
I will light a fire and let my love light burn
and watch for you in the wind

One step, a means to an end
One slip, and you find out pretty quick
whose hand is there to lend
Soft lights surrounded by the night
Take my advice from the flip of a coin
and the roll of the dice

Reasonable doubts about what seems clear to me
Try as I might in the night to be free
At a momentís notice you could be hanging in midair

Help me I am stranded and I think that you still care
Canít you hear me knocking I was sure that youíd be there
Now the fog has rolled in and I cannot see where we are bound
Thought that I heard something Iíll keep my ear to the ground
and listen for you in the wind

One way in, find a place to begin
to find out what it is and what it ainít all about
Last chance still a ghost in the dance
Circumstance, has left me underground, underfoot,
under a trance

I cast your judgment to the sea
Try as I might without light just to be
At a momentís notice you could be hanging in midair

Help me to fight back
Because my will is breaking down
Carry my voice
when I cry out but make no sound
Care for this world
though no direction is discerned
I will light a fire
and let my love light burn
and wait for you in the wind

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© 1998 Mark Privett

The kidís a real sleeper
a real diamond in the rough
A natural born seeker
ever resourceful, I guess never quite enough
Weathered and God willing
heís hanging in, hanging on the vine
In an upside down town, he's inside and slightly out of line
But where thereís life there is hope they say, given time

I dream with my eyes open
tripping over my own shoes
Down and out but coping
down with all of the right tools
the tools of freedom, at least for freeing up the mind
But all of the miles all the avenues
tell me I must at least be kind
between the footprints slowly washed away, given time

Counting sheep and moonbeams
stretched out across the Milky Way
Losing sleep but it seems
like nothing ventured without some pain
Facing north with a vengeance
placing our backs against the wall
Armed with good intentions
itís all for one or none at all
but love will surely find its way, given time
There will surely come a day, given time
Love will surely have its say, given time
Just give it time...

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© 1998 Mark Privett

One small step for the human race
One giant leap for you
One grain of sand in an hourglass
The wonder of you...

Too much hate in a shrinking world
To the love that we share
Two of us to create this pearl
To the wonder of you...

Three, two, one there goes a century
One, two, three and we are good to go
Three of us outside looking in at
the wonder of you...

Four strong winds to blow you safely home
For some peace on this earth
For the love of the universe
For the wonder of you...

Five of us in the looking glass
Six of you in the stars
Seven wonders upon this earth
could not compare to the wonder of you...

Eighty-eight voices will rise again
Ninety-nine bottles will fall
One hundred thousand golden geese could bow
it would not matter at all
And when the spark that ignites this flesh
cannot find me on earth
I will return home a better man for
the wonder of you...

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© 1998 Mark Privett

John Drew Stitch in Time
was a man before his years
Once heíd made up his mind
he would lay to rest all of his fears
Then, in a momentís breath
when the hand donít fit the glove
I guess if you are given time
you will find exactly what you are made of

John Drew Stitch in Time
said, "I will never give,
never give up the battle,
never give an inch."
To that end the sun will rise
it says, "I do so just because."
and I guess if you stick around
you are bound to find what you are made of

John Drew Stitch in Time
crossed the seven seas
Worked his way on ocean lines
sometimes driven to his knees
As the days tumble into night
you know there will never be enough
I guess at the finish line
we all find exactly what we are made of

Left, right, straight ahead
go out and get your share
Loneliness is all there is to fear
and for you, I will always be there
Never give up my friend
there are moments filled with love
and me, I will not turn away
for I have seen exactly what we are made of

John Drew Stitch in Time
heís back against the wall
Still he forges on ahead
though there are those who say he will surely fall
But I know better than Ďtheyí
and I will call that bluff
and if you really want to know
Iíll show you exactly what I am made of

John Drew Stitch in Time
brother to the end
If you are God blessed or or they say God damned
heís always there to lend a hand
And though we all fill with doubt
you know the going will get tough
I guess we must figure out
who we are and exactly what we are made of

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© 1999 Mark Privett

Maybe I played my cards just a little too slowly
Maybe I made my mind up just a little too late
Maybe I tried on too many faces
or kept myself from too many places
where hope springs eternal in the middle of the night

Walk with me a while, follow in my footsteps
Walk with me in these cold weather shoes
One honest days work for one honest days pay
What you donít learn the first time
you will learn the hard way
And as the years walk on by you
your soul yearns to fly away
to where hope springs eternal in the middle of the night

Take the time to read between the lines
Make the time to investigate what you may find
Because the wheel outside your center is eating up the miles
while the truth can move the mountains of the rank and the file
through a river flowing upstream to the foot of the temple
Where the day paves the way to the magic of the twilight
where the here and now and then all blend with the trade winds of tomorrow
where hope springs eternal in the middle of the night

Each and every day unfolds with the promise of a dream
buried Ďneath the obligations mired in routine
Discipline not withstanding we dive in without feeling
Deaf to our core and blind to the unreeling
yet as the evening starts to fall down take comfort in unknowing
there are endless possibilities sowing and growing
in a vast uncharted landscape where invisible winds are blowing you
to where hope springs eternal in the middle of the night

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© 2000 Mark Privett

42 trips around the solar engine
42 turns around that blessed old sun
42 more with luck and with some patience
93 million moments dissolve into one

Freedom she speaks to me in tongues somehow familiar
Freedom she wears a face Iíve seen somewhere before
Freedom she love to dance you know sheís everybodyís sweet dream
Freedom she walks a lonely stranger down a broken path

Gravity be blessed
Earthbound I confess
Heavenís own more or less

If it ainít me I know its got to be someone
If it ainít me Iíll be headed for the borderline
Well Iíll be yesterdayís news come the day after tomorrow
Iíll be covered in black and blue but Iíll be better than fine

I thought I heard the voice of God off in the distance
I thought I heard the Great Spirit guiding me home
I thought I heard the devil speak dressed in the voice of reason
I thought I heard you but I guess I was all alone

Gravity be blessed
Earthbound I confess
Heavenís own more or less

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© 2002 Mark Privett

Wake up the poets, wake up the priests
wake up the artists, the shamans and the chiefs
Tell them all to come running for the deal has gone down
where the whisper of summer is now the fall heard world Ďround

And where will the children find peace in the night
while their mothers and their fathers hold on fast for dear life
Oh Father who art in heaven please give me a sign
that you havenít gone and forgotten human kind

And me, I canít seem to remember
what tomorrow was all about
And me, I canít seem to focus myself
within or without
But I will embrace starlight
I embrace the cold morning dew
the bitter and the sweet kiss of each new day
I pray the same for you

Words of time left behind, words of the day
words on the page when thereís nothing to say
Sounds like an omen, sounds like a prayer
sounds like Iíd give what I could, if I could see you there

Summon the dreamers for mine have gone wrong
give me some way to believe in some way to carry on
Summon my ancestors been gone so long
tell them all to come running for the singer has forgotten his own song

And me, I still canít remember
what tomorrow was all about
And me, I canít seem to focus myself
within or without
But I will embrace the starlight
and I embrace the cold morning dew
the bitter and the sweet kiss of each new day
I pray the same for you

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© 2003 Mark Privett

Fame and fortune may be what you crave
but I yearn for the light to fuel my days
where we, all of us, are dreamers
and everybody really is a star
and every one drives an electric car

Where the rivers run untamed through rain forests galore
The birds and the bees and a garbage free shore
Where motors and turbines all move with the sun
and hate and greed are kept on the run
and we all move as fast as the slowest one

These truths and more should be held self-evident
but we wonít pay the piper and we sure donít pay the rent
Dizzy from rotation, up against the grain
Patriotically insane
The hope for life keeps me here praying for the rain

I remember songs of loss, labor, and love
Others cling to songs of fists in velvet gloves
A sleight of tongue, echoing half-truths and whole lies
And you won't hear my babyís cries
And I wonít give up until you're back down to size

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The Dance of Forevermore
© 2005 Mark Privett

Not so fast
You might get hurt
You canít afford to fall
end up lying in the dirt.

So hold on tight, baby
Come on and let it ride
Give me something
I canít get inside.

Yeah, give me something
Come on and open the door
Let me have
another dance with forevermore.

--solo break--

Every morning
when I raise my flag
to surrender
to this need gone bad.

And I get the feeling
Yeah, I get the gist
That if I ever left you
I would not be missed.

But I remember
Like it was yesterday
You forgave me
then you flew away.

I canít find my way around my heart anymore
I canít even find my way back home
I wish I could just get on with
Living again,
Breathing again,
I canít remember when...

Well donít believe it
That is a lie
It wasn't you, baby
left here high and dry.

Yeah I start to wonder
Where does it end
Everytime I climb up that mountain
Have to climb back down again.

With wasted desire
From way down below
The hollow remains
of a dance with forevermore.

I canít find my way around my heart anymore
I canít even find my way back home
I wish I could just get on with
Living again,
Breathing again,
I almost remember when...

Under fire
Under booked
Under pressure
somehow underlooked.

Then comes a wicked sundown
When I crossed that line
Before I could even see it coming
I was out of time.

And the river is rising
With a flood of tears
A cold reminder
of paralysis and greed.

And situations
Baby, I donít need
Go on and try your best to cut me
I wonít even bleed

And reservations
On top of the heap
Tell me the truth or dare me
Iíve got no faith left to leap

So with a razzle dazzle
Open up the fools golden door
Just to sell anything
For that dance with forevermore.

I canít hide myself inside your heart anymore
I canít even hide in my own home
I wish I could just get on with
Living again
Breathing again
I almost remember when...

Go on home now
Go on and let me be
I canít begin to love you
till I start to loving me

And rest assured
Go on and rest your head
Go ahead, arrest your demons
And put them back to bed.

But if awakened
You better know the score
or lose yourself
to that dance with forevermore.

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