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   Below are links to some applets I have written. Click the button to open the applet of your choice. You may be prompted to download the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). You can also download the JRE by clicking Sun MicroSystems. The applets will open in a new window so you can close it out independent of the site.
   The Memory Applets are a take on the old game Concentration without the rebus puzzle behind the revealed buttons. Perhaps in the future... The Dial-up option does not have the animated .gifs behind the buttons, which take too long to load on dial up creating the possibility for computer 'brain freeze.'
   The Music Calculator is a note/scale/mode calculator. Choose the scale/mode, see the notes and play the chosen scale. I hope to get some chords in there eventually.

Mark, Tony, and Craig jammin'!
Memory Applet Hi-Speed Memory Applet Dial-up Music Calculator Applet