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My son Josh and me

A Brief History

   Below is a somewhat sketchy timeline that needs an overhaul. But for now it sort of explains how I got here. Anyway, without further adieu...

1958 -- Born November 7th at 6:45 A.M. so I'm told.
1964 - 1973 -- Classical piano lessons w/ Mrs. Florence Gurinsky
1974 - 1976 -- Played drums in the band Xanthoma, named after a rare skin disease (don't ask). Did a short stint playing drums and organ for the band as we began experiencing personnel changes. My brother, Craig showed me a couple of guitar chords and I switched to guitar for the long haul.L 1976 -- Graduated second from Center Moriches High School. Actually, tied for second, which is technically third I suppose. Class had 99 students.
1976 - 1978 -- Attended SUNY Binghamton, and left with 57 credits, a whole slew of dreams, and my future wife.
1980 -- Married Ms. Linda Heins and moved to Charlottesville, Va.
1980 - 1983 -- Worked at the Boar's Head Inn hotel in housekeeping, painting and maintainence. Started writing songs. Moved back to Long Island.
1983 - 1989 -- Worked as a carpenter for Jan Martin. Started out on clean-ups, then on to framing, decks, then finish carpentry (hanging doors, mouldings, etc.) and installing cabinets.
1987 - 1989 -- Started gigging with my brother Craig on bass, a drum machine and occasionally Dave Sones on percussion/drums as Shades.
1989 -- Trio Rite of Way forms w/ Craig and Dave
1989 - 1991 -- Worked as a carpenter for Frank Rogers and Lou Papa. Completed first work of original material titled "Pull up a Chair" featuring brother Craig on bass. Recorded on a Fostex four track cassette machine.
1991 -- In July, my Father dies at 68, out of the blue...
1991 - 1994 -- Various painting, landscaping, carpentry jobs - self-employed
1995 -- Dave moves on from Rite of Way and Rob Garcia fills in for a couple of weeks on drums until Tony Mapp joins.
1995 - 1996 -- Worked for Craig and his painting business.
1996 - 1998 -- Worked as a carpenter for Drew Schiffelbian (mostly finish carpentry, cabinet building)
1997 -- Rite of Way disbands and I begin to reassess my art. I figure on continuing to work on my craft, but gig less and less. In November, I enter three tunes in the Riverhead songwriter showdown, a local contest. 'Long Dark Night' a song addressing the loss of my Dad wins the folk category and the overall. 'Plea to Thee' wins the Rock category and is second overall. My third entry, 'Control the Heat' places second in Rock and is fifth overall. A guitar, some cash and I head on home to shed for a bit.
1998 -- My son Joshua is born, and I am reborn and begin to reassess everything.
1998 - 2003 -- I become Mr. Mom and carpenter and gig here and there, mostly here.
2003 - present -- Joshua starts kindergarten. I, too need a fresh start and return to school at Suny Suffolk Community's Eastern Campus.

And now, here we all are in cyberspace. Let my creations live.
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