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Spinning Tie-Dye Electric
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Spinning Acoustic Guitar

   The guitar and music in general have saved my life a thousand times over, leading me to discoveries both inward and outward. Below is a listing of equipment that I have applied toward those discoveries. The tools of the trade as it were.


1972 Aria Acoustic Classical(Nylon string)
1975 Fender Strat w/Roland synth pickup add-on
1990 Takemine Acoustic/Electric w/cutaway
1997 Epiphone Acoustic Blues Master
1998 Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II


Roland GR1 Synthesizer
Boss Turbo Overdrive
Ibanez Chorus(CS09)
Boss Digital Delay
Boss Octaver
Boss Graphic Equalizer(9 band)
Morley Wah/Volume pedal
Dunlop Crybaby Wah

Amps and Other Stuff

1965 Fender Super Reverb
1980 Roland Cube 60
1985 Carvin 12ch powered mixing board
1985 Fostex 4 track cassette recorder
1990 Carvin 6ch powered mixer
1998 Akai 16 track digital recorder