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The Links

  • Miles Davis - The Man with the Horn! Always a man on the move while alive. Check it out to find the man, his legacy, and his music. 'Cool' personified!

  • Ani Difranco - A wonderfully unique artist. Her lyrics and poetry are compelling visions to say the least, and her music has influences from jazz to funk to folk and back. Truly an inspirational artist. Righteous!

  • Firesign Theatre - I lovingly refer to this comedy troupe as the American Monty Python. A cool site that offers up their cds, dvds/videos, and other links to the minds of these four whacky, creative cats.

  • Jerry Garcia - One of the most recorded guitarists in history and a personal favorite. The guiding hand behind so many Grateful Dead excursions into space and back. There tain't nothing like it.

  • Rob Garcia - A fantastic, versatile, drummer/percussionest/songwriter! I have had the pleasure of playing with Rob in a band called "Privilege" with Pat Reynolds on bass. He can be found in a few groups of his own ranging stylistically from jazz to dixieland to the Beatles. Check him out if you have the chance. A great human being and consummate musician.

  • Bruce Hornsby - This guy brings the worlds of pop, jazz, country, and funk all together and mixes it all up into some mighty fine stew. Live, he is as spontaneous as an artist can be, taking audience requests and playing just about anything he pleases. From a rendition of Pink Floyd's 'Comfortably Numb' to jazz pianist Bud Powell's 'Tempus Fugit' this cat and his band are among the very best at what they do.

  • Ken Kesey - This site is run by the late Ken Kesey's son, Zane, in an effort to inform and amuse those who dare enter. Lots of psychedelic memorobilia and rare cds, dvds, and videos of those who were there and dared to venture 'Furthur'. Get on the Bus, y'all!

  • Branford Marsalis - Saxophonist 'extroadinaire', this musician has been blowing my mind wide open for years. He just keeps getting better and better. Check out 'Footsteps of our Fathers' and grab hold of your seat for a ride in a half. I've been folloing Mr. Marsalis' music for some time and have always been delighted and stimulated by his sound and his group.Go to his site for the full lowdown on the man and his music.

  • Pat Metheny - This versatile guitarist and musician has been knocking me out since his first album, 'Bight Size Life' when he was around 16 years old, also featuring a young and equally formidable Jaco Pastorius. Rhythmically and melodically astute, his music is ever evolving and innovative. A true master whose sound is instantly recognizable. If you haven't checked him out, do so ASAP!

  • John Scofield - Another of my favorite guitarists. Sometimes jazzy, sometimes funky, but always fresh and always interesting. Check out his site for tour dates, music, and shots of John and his various compadres doing what they do.

  • Linux - Enter a brave new world without "windows." This site is a doorway to a breath of fresh air in the world of operating systems. Do you dare cross the treshold?

  • Kurt Vonnegut - One of my favorite writers. The site offers the opportunity to purchase his various works and keep up with what he is currently involved in.

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